'They go to Scotland and this is how Nicola Sturgeon responds? Absolutely disgusting'

8 December 2020, 09:34 | Updated: 8 December 2020, 10:49

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

After Nicola Sturgeon refused to endorse a trip by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Scotland, amid a row over whether the trip broke Covid rules, Nick Ferrari branded it "absolutely appalling."

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon suggested the duke and duchess travelled to Edinburgh despite their office being made aware of restrictions for those wanting to cross the border.

'They go to Scotland and this is how Nicola Sturgeon response? Absolutely disgusting,' Nick said before asking a caller what he thought.

Nick spoke to Jonathan in Finchley who said the comments were "appalling."

He told LBC that the Royal pair just wanted to "thank people over their United Kingdom."

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Royal sources also suggested that this was “essential” work that could not be undertaken via Zoom.

The caller said he thought the Scottish First Minister has "some reason not to accept them," before branding it a "disgrace."

He asked if the First Minister was "seeking publicity for herself," or "for her cause."

"With any decent Scot this will backfire, surely," he said.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was asked during a briefing about claims that the duke and duchess's visit to Edinburgh was in breach of cross-border travel restrictions.

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Ms Sturgeon said the trip was a matter for the royal household and they had been made aware of all the restrictions in place.

"The royal visit is a matter for the royal household and the arrangements around it, and any questions about those arrangements should be directed to the royal household," she said.

"The Scottish Government was advised about the intention to visit, and we made sure that the royal household were aware, as you would expect, of all of the restrictions in place in Scotland so that could inform both the decision and the planning of the visit.

"But I think any questions about that should be directed to the Royal Household."

She was also asked whether the trip would help boost morale, but made no reference to this question in her response.

Asked if Ms Sturgeon meant that the couple should not have visited, senior Scottish Government sources said: "We are not going to tell them they cannot come to Scotland."