Palestinian Ambassador: Conflict won't be resolved with Netanyahu in power

20 May 2021, 20:43 | Updated: 20 May 2021, 20:54

By Asher McShane

Palestinian Ambassador Husam Zomlot told Iain Dale on LBC this evening that conflict in Gaza will not be resolved as long as Benjamin Netanyahu is in power.

Shortly before news of a ceasefire beginning at 2am on Friday morning broke, Mr Zumlot said: "I believe this conflict will not be resolved without an honest intervention by the international community.

Iain Dale asked Mr Zomlot: "Do you think it can be resolved while Mr Netanyahu remains Prime Minister?"

Mr Zomlot replied: "That's a very simple answer. No. This man is extremely phobic of the Palestinian people, our aspirations.

"In every sense he believes in the greater Israel project."

“I am hopeful that we will reach an end to the aggression," he added.

“The human toll is unprecedented. You are talking about more than 230 [casualties] only in Gaza, mostly civilians, 63 children according to Save the Children.

“Schools being bombarded, hospitals. This is a tragedy in its highest form so I hope this will come to an end, this madness come to an end.

Husam Zomlot was speaking to Iain Dale on LBC this evening
Husam Zomlot was speaking to Iain Dale on LBC this evening. Picture: LBC

“It [ceasefire] will not be enough in itself. We must visit the root cause.

“People’s basic rights must be recognised."

Multiple local outlets reported that Benjamin Netanyahu's Security Cabinet had approved a unilateral ceasefire to halt an 11-day Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip, according to reports.

The decision came following heavy US pressure to halt the offensive.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said reports of a move toward a ceasefire were "clearly encouraging".

She said the US was trying "to do everything we can to bring an end to the conflict".

Earlier, Israel had unleashed a new wave of airstrikes across the Gaza Strip as Hamas fired more rockets into Israel.