80 firefighters tackle 'massive' bakery fire in Park Royal

23 July 2020, 19:36 | Updated: 23 July 2020, 21:08

Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

Dozens of firefighters are tackling a "massive fire" involving a bakery and a restaurant in Park Royal, west London.

London Fire Brigade (LFB) said 15 fire engines and around 80 firefighters have been sent to the blaze on Minerva Road which is billowing out thick plumes of black smoke.

They have advised the public to avoid the area while they tackle the inferno, however there are numerous videos emerging on social media of people recording the incident.

Metropolitan Police officers are at the location, which has been blocked off, and could be heard shouting at people to "get back."

LBC reporter James Gooderson, who is also at the scene, said a firefighter is at the top of a crane, while a number of hoses are being used to extinguish the flames.

In the latest update on Twitter, LFB said its initial report that residential properties were affected "appears" to now not be the case.

An initial LFB Twitter post shared a video of the fire at 6:43pm and said it was affecting flats above a shop, which now turns out to be incorrect.

The tweet said: "15 fire engines & around 80 firefighters are tackling a fire in a shop with flats above on Minerva Road in #ParkRoyal.

"Please avoid the area."

The LFB is advising people in the area to close their windows and doors due to the thick, black smoke.

It is currently unclear whether ambulances are at the scene, however the London Ambulance Service has not issued an update on social media.

A later tweet from the LFB read: "We've taken over FIFTY 999 calls to the blaze in #ParkRoyal.

"There is a lot of thick black smoke so please close your doors & windows if you are nearby.

"We will update everyone on the latest via this Twitter feed."

Roughly 80 firefighters are tackling the blaze in west London
Roughly 80 firefighters are tackling the blaze in west London. Picture: LBC
A "massive fire" has broken out in a shop with flats above in Park Royal, west London
A "massive fire" has broken out in a shop with flats above in Park Royal, west London. Picture: Twitter - @fasouka

Social media users have been uploading videos of the thick smoke, which can be seen across west London.

One said: "Massive warehouse fire in Park Royal, North Acton. Hoping everyone made it out in time. Firefighters are already on the scene."

Another wrote: "Hope no one is hurt."