Passengers Quarantined At Manchester Airport As Woman Falls Ill

9 August 2019, 14:01

Passengers were kept on a Flybe airline for over an hour
Passengers were kept on a Flybe airline for over an hour. Picture: PA

Passengers at Manchester Airport were quarantined on a Flybe plane as a middle aged woman is believed to fallen ill after staying in Sierra Leone.

The flight from Paris to Manchester Airport was disrupted due to a medical incident on board.

Flight BE3122 from Paris arrived at 10:25 BST but passengers were not allowed to disembark.

Flybe said this was a precautionary measure to "collect the full contact details from all 107 passengers on board".

A spokesman for the airline said it was working closely with Public Health England after a woman was taken ill.

She is believed to have been staying in a small village in Sierra Leone before boarding the flight.

Passengers have taken to social media to tweet about the incident:

The passengers were quarantined on board the flight for over an hour.

They have now been put on a bus, but it is unclear where they are being transported to.