Police break up 150 person rave in west London warehouse

5 January 2021, 20:22

By Patrick Grafton-Green

Police broke up a rave at a west London warehouse after more than 150 people were found partying.

Metropolitan Police officers were called to Crowthorne Road in Kensington in the early hours of December 30, where they found a number of parked cars and music coming from inside a warehouse.

They entered and spoke to a 43-year-old man, who told them he had just woken up.

When questioned by officers he admitted he had "arranged a little party" and said "we are just friends we are having a party".

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Officers then entered a room behind him and found about 150 to 200 people.

Police said the 43-year-old was arrested under Covid regulations for organising the illegal gathering and is being considered for a £10,000 fine.

Chief Inspector David Palfrey said: “This was a totally irresponsible act by those who either organised or attended the event.

"This gathering put everyone attending, their families and the wider community at risk.

“Attending these unlicensed events is not mischief or high spirits, it is selfish criminal behaviour and can have tragic consequences.”

The partygoers, all of whom left after police arrived, left a number of knives, hammers and other weapons behind.