Police Commissioner Defends Senior Whaley Bridge Cop After Criticism Of Her HAIR

7 August 2019, 09:13 | Updated: 7 August 2019, 09:32

Rachel Swann's hair has attracted a lot of attention
Rachel Swann's hair has attracted a lot of attention. Picture: PA

The Lincolnshire Police Commissioner has been forced to defend the senior officer in charge of the police operation in Whaley Bridge after criticism of her hair.

Deputy Chief Constable of Derbyshire Constabulary Rachel Swann has been in charge of the operation evacuating Whaley Bridge to ensure the safety of residents following damage to the dam in the town.

She chairs the strategic coordinating group of partner agencies responding to the crisis, including the RAF, firefighters, the Environment Agency.

After giving press conferences on the emergency at the dam, attention was drawn to her spikey hairstyle.

Ian John, a former police officer, tweeted: "Just leaving this picture here for any comments. Reading news about evacuation Whaley Bridge because danger damaged dam bursting & saw picture Derbyshire Police Deputy Chief Constable & thought how police image has changed over years. For better or for worse?"

That led to a torrent of criticism. One Twitter user commented: "What an embarrassment, imagine having to take orders from her."

It got so much that Marc Jones, the Police and Crime Commissioner, was forced to intervene.

He wrote: "Reading some very sad comments about a senior Police Officer’s choice of hair style from people who should know better and get a grip. Personally I’m proud we have such outstanding Officers here in East Mids and I’m just jealous of her hair full stop!"

Graham Wettone, a former police officer and commentator, told Nick Ferrari: "She's the second in charge, she's the Deputy Chief Constable. She sounds exceptionally competent and capable and I've seen comments from her officers saying similar. Her ability isn't in question here.

"But your portraying an image of the service, not just yourself. The service regulations aren't allowed to be different colours. Under current regulations, that doesn't fit for me."