Police Drop Investigation Into Leave.EU Breaches Of Electoral Law

13 September 2019, 13:33

The Leave.EU campaign
The Leave.EU campaign. Picture: PA

The Met Police have dropped their investigation into the possible breaches of electoral law by Leave.EU.

Detectives say it is clear that some technical breaches were committed with regard to the spending return submitted for the Leave campaign.

But they have believe there is insufficient evidence to justify any further criminal investigation.

Their decision follows advice from the CPS for Early Investigative Advice.

Commander Alex Murray said: “It was right to investigate the allegation, however following detailed enquiries it became apparent that the nature of potential breaches of the regulations, the criminal standard of proof required in court and the actions taken by Leave.EU to adhere to the regulations, mean that it is now appropriate to take no further action.”

Leave.EU have been has been told that they will face no further police action.

The investigation into the spending returns of Vote Leave and BeLeave remains ongoing.