Police break up 50-person party in soundproofed room with DJ and disco lights

19 February 2021, 19:55 | Updated: 20 February 2021, 19:42

By Megan White

Police in the West Midlands broke up an illegal 50-person party taking place in a soundproofed room with a DJ, disco lights and Class A drugs.

Officers were tipped off about the bash by a member of the public, who had noticed taxis bringing around a dozen guests to the venue above shops on Erdington High Street on Thursday night.

Around 50 people were discovered at the event and fined, while the suspected organiser was arrested after refusing to give their details.

They could now face a fine of £10,000 under coronavirus legislation.

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Meanwhile, officers responded to reports of a house party in Kings Norton at around 12.30am today after flashing lights and loud music were coming from inside.

Police said the lights were turned off once those inside realised they had arrived, and a woman came to the door in a dressing gown in an apparent bid to make the officers think all was quiet.

After being questioned as to why she was wearing jewellery and fake lashes to bed, she let officers inside the flat − where they had been told a party was being streamed live on Instagram.

Some guests were allowed to leave but three people were arrested after two officers were assaulted.

West Midlands Police said this weekend, officers will be on dedicated patrols responding to people’s reports of coronavirus law breaches.

They will continue to use the approach of engaging and educating people before issuing fines, which range from £200 to £10,000.

ACC Chris Todd said: “Our officers don’t get any enjoyment out of spoiling people’s fun.

"They are simply trying to keep people safe and reduce the spread of the virus.

"Where one person might be asymptomatic with the virus, the next might become seriously ill or worse.

"People who go to these events need to know that they could be spreading the disease without knowing it, or even picking it up while they are out and then bringing it home to loved ones.

"These breaches are likely to prolong the duration of this pandemic for everyone.

"Most people are doing their bit, and we are grateful to them for making our jobs easier and saving lives."