Powercuts Across Large Parts Of London And South East

9 August 2019, 17:19 | Updated: 9 August 2019, 19:20

The National Grid say they are aware of an issue
The National Grid say they are aware of an issue. Picture: PA

Issues with two generators caused a loss of power across parts of the UK but the issue is now "resolved", the National Grid Electricity System Operator said.

Nearly a million people have been without electricity after a powercut across England & Wales.

500,000 people were affected in the Midlands, South West & Wales, 300,000 in London & the South East, 110,000 in Yorkshire & the North East while at least 26,000 in the North West.

Earlier UK Power Networks said in a post of social media that there were aware of a power cut affecting a large area of London and South East.

Transport for London have confirmed that parts of the tube network, as well as some traffic lights have been impacted by the blackout.

A spokesperson said "we believe this is due to a failure to National Grid's network, which is affecting our customers. We may not be able to answer individual tweets at this time. Please keep an eye on our feed for updates."