Prince Philip 1921-2021: How the papers reported the news

10 April 2021, 08:57 | Updated: 10 April 2021, 09:47

The nation is mourning the death of Prince Philip
The nation is mourning the death of Prince Philip. Picture: PA

By Asher McShane

The Duke of Edinburgh's death has been marked by all the national newspapers today with moving tributes. Here's how this morning's papers have covered the death of Prince Philip.

Daily Mail:

The front of the Daily Mail reads - Farewell My Beloved: Queen's heartbreaking tribute to her husband of 73 years.

The paper is a 144-page special edition.

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The Sun:

The Sun has a special wraparound two page cover, with the words ‘We're All Weeping with You Ma'am.’

The Mirror:

The paper has a full front page picture of the Queen and Prince Philip with the headline: Goodbye my Beloved

The Times:

My strength and stay - the paper's headline repeats the Queen's tribute to the Prince on their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1997.

The Times carries a leader in which they speak of Philip as having "strong views, a quick wit and a sharp tongue".

They wrote: "The prince ... had a thick skin, a sense of humour and a self-awareness that went a long way in mitigating his lack of tact."

The Telegraph:

The newspaper's front page carries a full page picture of The Prince bearing no other text apart from: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh 1921-2021.

It carries a picture on its back page of Prince Philip taken from behind raising his bowler hat off his head.

The Guardian:

Carries a large black and white picture of the Duke of Edinburgh and the headline: Prince Philip 1921-2021.

The Express:

Deep Sorrow: The paper's headline reflects on the Prince's life of devotion to Queen and Country.

London Evening Standard:

This was the first newspaper to go to print with the news: It bears the headline: A life of service and a full front page picture of the Duke of Edinburgh.

The I:

The I reflects on what it calls "a life of duty" of the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Star:

The Star newspaper describes Prince Philip simply as Her Rock on its front page.

Media around the world:

News outlets overseas including several Australian newspapers are among those featuring pictures of the duke.

The NT News, usually known for its irreverent front pages, has a sombre take on the news, while reports also feature on the front of the Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and The Daily Telegraph.

The Herald's Europe correspondent Bevan Shields wrote the "love story" between the Queen and Philip has "driven much of the grief in Britain following his death".

He added: "For 73 years they have been the foundation and rock of the United Kingdom. That's now gone, at a time when Brits are suddenly uncertain about what the future holds. And a time when the royal family itself is fracturing."

Spanish paper ABC carries a picture of the duke doffing a bowler hat during his retirement from public duty in 2017 and the headline "at the service of her majesty", while a range of German local papers write: "He was always in the shadow of the Queen, as the royal of the second row was always loyal - and full of humour."

Elsewhere in Europe, and French papers Liberation and Le Figaro carry the death on their front pages, while Le Monde carries a column suggesting the duke could have had "Prince of Blunders" added to his long list of honorary titles.