Pro-Remain Parties Beat Pro-Brexit Parties In European Elections

27 May 2019, 01:20

The UK is still very much split over Brexit
The UK is still very much split over Brexit. Picture: PA

Parties backing a People's Vote got more votes than those supporting a no-deal Brexit in the European Elections.

With 10 of the 12 regions having declared, the total for the Liberal Democrats, Greens and Change UK was 5.95million.

That is compared with 5.79million for the Brexit Party and Ukip.

That is a 51-49 victory for Remain, showing how split the UK still is, three years after the EU referendum.

The remaining results, in Northern Ireland and Scotland, won't be announced until later on Monday.

Labour MEP Seb Dance told LBC it showed how Jeremy Corbyn needed to back a second referendum.

He said: "I hope that they see the signal very clearly.

"People are getting sick and tired of the impasse at parliament and the lack of progress, the fact that Brexit is consuming everything.

"Frankly, a public vote is increasingly emerging as the only way through this and I hope that the penny drops.

"The Tory Party is disintegrating before our eyes and what replaces them terrifies me. Labour has to step up to the mark because if we don't, what will replace the Tory Party, the Brexit Party or some version thereof, will fill that vacuum."