Pro vocalist highlights ludicrous mask singing loophole at the shops with LBC

10 December 2021, 10:16

By Asher McShane

This is the moment LBC took a professional singer to the supermarket to highlight the ludicrous loophole which would have allowed people to get around Covid mask rules in shops while singing.

Performer for the Street Theatre Company Louise Grayford accompanied LBC to a branch of Waitrose this morning where she belted out renditions of some popular Christmas tunes with a twist.

She sang “Ding dong merrily on high, I’m in the dairy aisle,” “Christmas time, buying cheese and wine, no mask but singing’s keeping me in line” and other festive tunes.

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In a "ludicrous" loophole to the law, shoppers were told they would not be required to wear a mask if they walked around singing.

But Downing Street changed the advice, saying it would be "hard to justify" people having a "reasonable excuse" to remove their masks to sing while getting groceries.

Updated regulations, published yesterday evening, now state that someone may remove a face covering if it is "reasonably necessary" to sing, adding that "the occasions when it is reasonably necessary for P (a person) to sing include singing as part of a choir, or during a service or rehearsal, or for performance".

The exception to the rule was implemented to allow those attending a place of worship to remove their masks when singing carols or hymns, but they would be required to wear a mask during the service.

But if followed to the letter of the law, like a government spokesperson previously said it would be, then it would allow members of the public to not wear a mask in settings when it is required.