Queen will be dealing with Philip's death in 'very stoical way', former press secretary says

9 April 2021, 16:53 | Updated: 10 April 2021, 00:46

By Patrick Grafton-Green

The Queen will be dealing with the death of Prince Philip in a “very stoical way” and will be “surrounded by the close team in the bubble at Windsor Castle”, a royal's former press secretary has said.

Charles Anson told LBC that the Queen will take “a quiet moment for herself” but will be in touch with other members of the royal family following the Duke of Edinburgh's death aged 99.

Philip, the longest-serving consort in British history, was married to the Queen for more than 70 years.

As tributes pour in from around the world following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, tun in live to LBC's special coverage.

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He dedicated decades of his life to royal duty, serving the nation at the monarch's side.

He spent more than a month in hospital earlier this year - his longest every stay - before the couple was reunited when he returned to Windsor Castle.

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AS IT HAPPENED: Tributes pour in from around the world after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh

Mr Anson described the duke’s death as a “very, very sad moment” but a moment “that’s clearly been anticipated for some time”.

He added: “I’m sure the Queen will be dealing with it in a very stoical way as one would expect from her and will be surrounded by the close team in the bubble in Windsor Castle..

“So I think probably a quiet moment for herself and will be in touch with the Prince of Wales and members of her family over the coming 24 hours.”

Asked by Nick Ferrari how communication with other royals would now work amid the Covid-19 pandemic, he added: “I think by telephone contact and I’m sure by zoom call in due course, that kind of thing, but I think in this first day after his death she will be very much with her small group of people looking after her.

“She will have with her a lady in waiting that’s been with her for much of this time and another lady in waiting, they take it in turns, and I’m sure there will be many devoted staff she’s known all her life and who would have known Prince Philip as well around her.”