Queues stretch around the block at Primark as clothes shops re-open

15 June 2020, 09:53

By Adrian Sherling

Shoppers have queued around the block for Primark as clothes shops re-opened for the first time since the coronavirus lockdown.

LBC's reporter Adam Hurd was at the Primark in Bristol and saw hundreds of people join the queue which snaked down the street.

Non-essential shops have opened their doors today for the first time in nearly three months.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's message was clear: get out and shop until you drop.

He said: "I am very optimistic about the opening up that is going to happen tomorrow.

"I think people should shop and shop with confidence, but they should of course observe the rules on social distancing and do it as safely as possible."

Huge queues at the Primark in Birmingham
Huge queues at the Primark in Birmingham. Picture: PA

There will be a number of measures shops have taken for people attending shops today.

- Most shops will have one-way systems to ensure people can socially distance.
- If you try touch something and reject it, that item will be placed in quarantine for 72 hours.
- No fitting rooms.
- Glass screens in place to protect workers at the tills.

Retail expert Clare Bailey told LBC shopping won't be like it was before.

She said: "It's going to be a lot more like the experience we've had at the supermarkets. There's going to be limited numbers of people who can go in at any one time, there will be floor markings to denote one-way systems and the spacing people need to consider.

"People will be asked not to touch items unless they have a strong intention of buying it. There will be no fitting rooms, so you have to take items home to try them on."