Russia's biggest chemical plant burns down in second mystery fire

22 April 2022, 10:43

A huge blaze has engulfed one of Russia's biggest chemical plants
A huge blaze has engulfed one of Russia's biggest chemical plants. Picture: Alamy/Twitter

By Megan Hinton

A huge blaze has engulfed one of Russia's biggest chemical plants, situated less than 1,000km from Ukraine's border.

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In dramatic footage posted on social media, huge plumes of smoke can be seen rising above the Dmitrievsky Chemical Plant in the city of Kineshma, which is around 250 miles east of Moscow.

The cause of the fire and number of casualties remains unknown but reports suggest almost 150 plant workers were evacuated.

According to the company's website, the plant is the "largest producer of butyl acetate and industrial solvents in Russia and Eastern Europe".

The company advertises supplying of a "wide range of chemical and petrochemical products in Russia and in the world".

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It comes after five died in fire in the Russian Ministry of Defence's NII-2 building where decisions on airforce strategy and aerospace technology are reportedly made.

The massive blaze at the military headquarters in Tver, Russia is said to have left five people dead and 30 wounded.

Michael MacKay, a veteran of Ukraine democratic and civil society renaissance, tweeted after the incidents: "Two pieces of the Russian fascist war machine were destroyed by fire today.

"The Aerospace Defence Research Institute in Tver was where Iskander missiles were developed.

"The Dmitrievsky Chemical Plant east of Moscow (manufactured chemical solvents."

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A number of people were reportedly forced to jump out of windows at the Second Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation to flee from the fire.

Initial reports said the fire had started on the second floor of the military research institute.

Video footage showed large plumes of black smoke coming from the building.

The roof of military research institute is also said to have collapsed due to the fire.

Russian media outlet TASS reported that the fire department was called to the scene at around midday.

According to an ambulance crew spokesman “some of the victims inhaled smoke, others had bruises and injuries, as people led the fire and jumped from windows,” he said.

The "Iskander" and "S-400" Russian missile systems were designed in the same building.

The blaze, which started on the second floor and engulfed about 1,000 square meters, hasn’t been contained yet.