Sadiq Khan thanks those who 'stood up to Donald Trump' during London protests

20 January 2021, 11:38 | Updated: 20 January 2021, 14:28

Sadiq Khan has repeatedly clashed with Donald Trump during his presidency
Sadiq Khan has repeatedly clashed with Donald Trump during his presidency. Picture: PA

By Patrick Grafton-Green

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has thanked the people who “stood up to Donald Trump” during protests in the capital.

Mr Khan, who has had a long-standing feud with the outgoing US president, posted on Twitter: “London remains a beacon for equality, progressive ideas, liberal values, decency and diversity.”

He added: “Thank you to everyone who stood up for our values, and stood up to Donald Trump.”

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Tens of thousands took to the streets of London for anti-Trump protests when he visited the UK in July 2018 and again in June 2019.

The feud between the two leaders began after the London mayor said Mr Trump’s views on Islam were ignorant.

In response, the President tweeted that Mr Khan "should get an IQ test".

He has hit out many times at Mr Khan on a personal level, including calling him a "stone cold loser" and blaming him for the rise in terror attacks, to which the London mayor did not respond.

Earlier this month Mr Khan opened up on LBC about the fear he has felt over the last four years as Mr Trump's incitement of "racism and hatred" against him has led to his life being threatened.

He told James O’Brien: "He inspires, he normalises, a set of beliefs and behaviour from others, his followers, his fans, which can lead to people like me having their life threatened literally and needing to have police protection literally, 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Mr Trump, who remains consumed with anger and grievance over his election loss, is set to leave Washington early on Wednesday morning local time.

After a grand farewell event at nearby Joint Base Andrews, he will board Air Force One for a final time, flying to Florida and becoming the first outgoing president in more than a century to skip the inauguration of his successor Joe Biden.

He has also refused to take part in any of the symbolic passing-of-the-torch traditions that have been the capstones of the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next.

He is boycotting not just the ceremony at the Capitol, but also passed on inviting the Bidens to the White House for a get-to-know-you meeting.

And it remains unclear whether he will write Mr Biden a personal welcome letter, like the one he received from former president Barack Obama when he moved in.