Second US Presidential debate between Trump and Biden cancelled

10 October 2020, 00:39

The second debate between President Trump (left) and Joe Biden has been cancelled
The second debate between President Trump (left) and Joe Biden has been cancelled. Picture: PA

The second presidential debate between US President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden has been cancelled.

The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates confirmed on Friday that the October 15 event would be scrapped.

Mr Trump had expressed reservations about holding the debate "virtually" after he contracted Covid-19, as was suggested by the commission on Thursday.

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Meanwhile, Joe Biden scheduled a town hall with ABC News for that night once Mr Trump said he would not participate.

Mr Trump's team later countered with a call to hold the debates as scheduled once the president's doctor said he would be cleared to hold public events beginning on Saturday.

But the commission said it would not reverse its decision not to have the candidates on stage together, citing an abundance of caution with health concerns - particularly for the town-hall-style debate that was set to feature questions from average voters.

The third debate, scheduled for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee, is still on.

President Trump's team had attempted to have the debates pushed back to 22 and 29 October after he refused to have the debate online.

Having called in to Fox News, Trump said: "I beat him (Mr Biden) easily in the first debate, according to the polls I've seen, but I beat him easily, I felt I beat him easily and I think he felt it too.

"He wouldn't answer any questions and he had the protection of Chris Wallace all night long, I thought Chris Wallace was a disaster.

"But I beat him in the first debate and in the second debate we have a never-Trumper as a host, that's ok because i beat him in the second debate also.

"I'm not going to do a virtual debate."

He added: "I'm not going to waste my time on a virtual debate, that's not what debating's all about, you sit behind a computer and it's ridiculous and then they cut you off whenever they want.

"I have a host who I always thought was a nice guy but I see he's a never-Trumper".