Shocking moment British woman launches tirade at passenger on easyJet flight

4 May 2022, 21:28 | Updated: 4 May 2022, 21:31

By Emma Soteriou

A shocking video has captured the moment a British woman launched a furious tirade at a passenger on her easyJet flight to Turkey.

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It came after a man was said to have asked the woman in the video to stop arguing with her partner on the flight from Luton last month.

The couple then confronted the two passengers sat in the row behind them, with the woman repeatedly threatening: "You take it out on him, and I'll take it out on your bird."

She continued: "So go on then, say it then. Go on then, say it again, say what you were going to say.


During the flight, an airline employee also asked the couple stop arguing as it was causing disruption to other passengers on the flight.

But the woman "threatened to smash the air hostess's teeth in" and yelled "f*k off or suck my d**k" to onlookers, a passenger, who filmed the incident on April 18, claimed.

Jetsetters on the airline said the verbal altercation was so loud that children were reduced to tears and some even screamed "in fear".

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The woman confronted a man on the plane.
The woman confronted a man on the plane. Picture: Deadline

According to Deadline, the passenger who filmed the incidents said on Wednesday: "The couple just argued the whole flight.

"Well she argued, he ignored her and tried to sleep but she kept hitting, slapping and shouting at him.

"Then he started to argue back with her. An air hostess asked them to calm down and she threatened to smash her teeth in and sort her out once off the plane.

"Then it was quiet for 10-minutes and she started swearing and screaming just non-stop.

"The people behind her politely asked her to stop and leave her partner alone because he wasn't doing anything, just sleeping.

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Police escorted the woman away.
Police escorted the woman away. Picture: Deadline

"She went mad and then the partner joined in and they argued against the other couple together and fell back in love for a few minutes.

"They high fived each other and she said 'let's go get arrested in turkey together babes."

Following the incident, the woman was escorted off the plane by Turkish police and later slapped with a five-year-ban from all easyJet flights.

The man accompanying her was dealt a two-year ban.