Sir Nicholas Soames Tells LBC: 'We Need a New Parliament'

4 September 2019, 22:06

Watch Sir Nicholas Soames give his only solution to what he calls the Prime Minister’s “foolish” actions.

Sir Nicholas Soames, grandson of Boris Johnson’s political hero Winston Churchill, said to LBC “I think there does need to be a general election and I think we do need to have a new Parliament.”

He has since offered his support for the legislation looking to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

The former Conservative MP of 37 years told LBC that Boris Johnson’s choice to take the whip away from himself and other Tory rebels last night, especially from the Father of the House, was a “very foolish and unwise thing to do.”

Having spent the last two days with the Prime Minister he said he was convinced Boris wants a deal but as there is not currently a deal that can be agreed upon, Soames said “I don’t believe there is a serious effort” to gain one.

MPs have started debating whether to prevent the UK leaving the EU without a deal next month and from 7pm MPs will vote on legislation looking to block a no-deal Brexit which you can watch here.

MPs seized control of today’s parliamentary agenda last night – a vote in which 21 Conservatives lost their places in the party for defying the government.