When is the next World Cup? Qatar 2022 dates, locations and schedule

12 July 2021, 10:42

When is the next World Cup? Qatar 2022 dates, locations and schedule
When is the next World Cup? Qatar 2022 dates, locations and schedule. Picture: PA

By Emma Clarke

After a nail-biting penalty shootout during the Euro 2020 final, England narrowly missed out on victory to Italy.

England fans across the nation share a sense of heartbreak and disappointment today, after Gareth Southgate's squad were defeated at Wembley Stadium last night.

Despite a promising start, with Luke Shaw scoring a goal within the first two minutes, Italy managed to claw it back and equalised after 67 minutes.

After a tense period of extra time, the game's outcome was determined by a nerve-wracking penalty shootout, which Italy won by one goal.

However, despite the blow, England fans are more determined than ever and are already looking ahead to the next major tournament: the 2022 World Cup.

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So, here's everything you need to know - including when and where it is, and how likely it is for England to secure a place in the tournament.

Who is hosting the next World Cup?

In a rather unusual and controversial move, Qatar won the bid to host the next World Cup.

Since the election in 2010, the process has been hit with evidence and allegations of corruption, which led to the resignation of Fifa president, Sepp Blatter.

The FBI and Swiss police also launched a probe into bribery, which has led to several convictions so far.

Owing to the fact Qatar doesn't have a long-standing history of football, the nation is creating stadiums from scratch, specifically for the World Cup.

The country has been widely criticised for its treatment of around 1.6million migrant workers, who have been enlisted to build the infrastructures.

Qatar's laws against homosexuality also go against Fifa's mission statement of inclusivity and anti-discrimination.

When does the 2022 World Cup begin?

Ordinarily, there is a two-year gap between the Euros and the World Cup, but this time things are slightly different, owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

Equally, the World Cup normally takes place over the summer, but the upcoming tournament will instead be held in the autumn of 2022.

The first game will take place on November 21, with the final taking place on December 18.

Despite the tournament being moved towards the end of the year, the average high temperature in Qatar in November is 30C, so kick-off times will vary, accordingly.

What are England's chances?

England have won all three qualifier fixtures that have taken place so far, putting them in good stead to make it through to the World Cup.

They are in a group with San Marino, Poland, Albania, Andorra and Hungary, and are set to play Hungary and Andorra in September this year.

Are tickets available for the 2020 World Cup?

The official Fifa website has yet to announce ticket sales for the next World Cup, but it is likely to be updated soon.

That said, hospitality packages are already available online, with prices starting from around £700.