Bounty of Boba Fett actor's Star Wars memorabilia up for auction

4 May 2022, 09:59 | Updated: 4 May 2022, 11:55

By Tom Seymour

A life-sized replica of Boba Fett and a handwritten note by Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher are among a collection of items owned by the late actor Jeremy Bulloch to be auctioned in Bristol.

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To celebrate International Star Wars Day on May 4th, East Bristol Auctions are hosting the online sale of around a thousand items across 600 lots.

They've been collected by Mr Bulloch ever since he first appeared as the iconic bounty hunter in the Empire Strikes Back over 40 years ago.

Despite only being on screen for a few minutes in that film and its follow-up, The Return of the Jedi, Boba Fett instantly became a firm fan favourite.

He’s since had many subsequent on-screen appearances, including his own 2021 series on Disney Plus - The Book of Boba Fett.

Which is why some of the items in today's auction are expected to fetch thousands of pounds. Among the most sought after pieces are expected to be the life-sized replica of Boba Fett which Jeremy Bulloch modelled for.

Late Star Wars actor Jeremy Bulloch.
Late Star Wars actor Jeremy Bulloch. Picture: Alamy

As well as a handwritten note he was given by Princess Leia actor Carrie Fisher, original scripts, and an array of toys and figurines.

The auction is expected to take a few hours and is starting at 12pm to cater to interested buyers from the United States.

Some of the items being auctioned off.
Some of the items being auctioned off. Picture: LBC

Jeremy Bulloch died in 2020 after complications with Parkinson's disease and some of the money raised in the auction will be going to Parkinson's UK.

Although Mr Bulloch had no connections to Bristol, the auction house has been chosen after they did a similar sale for the estate of Dave Prowse - who played Darth Vader.

The towering actor, also known for being the Green Cross Code man, was from Bristol and his auction took place on May 4th 2021.