Storm Hannah Set to Hit The UK Tomorrow

25 April 2019, 09:36 | Updated: 25 April 2019, 09:43

The Met Office are warning there is potential for widespread gales at the weekend.
The Met Office are warning there is potential for widespread gales at the weekend. Picture: Met Office

The Met Office has warned that severe gales will hit parts of the UK and Ireland on Friday night.

The Atlantic system will bring cold weather and rain across the UK with high winds and heavy rain for some.

The Met office have said Storm Hannah is due to make landfall on Friday morning, bringing strong winds and heavy rains to Ireland and southern parts of the UK.

The storm, which forecasters have named Hannah will see wet and windy blast will sweep eastwards across the south of the UK on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Winds will start to strengthen early on Friday, and by the evening rush hour Storm Hannah would start to hit western Wales and parts of Scotland.

The Environment Agency has warned that some land, roads and houses may flood, with up to three inches of rain due by Sunday.

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said that the system will affect Ireland most significantly.

He said that Met Eireann had chosen to name the storm based on its own criteria and the potential impacts for Ireland.

He said that going through the evening, the low pressure system would cross into parts of Ireland, affecting western parts.

The spokesman said the Met Office itself would probably not have gone as far as naming the system, which has come from the Atlantic, but will be issuing its own warnings.

The storm was officially named by Irish Weather authorities.

The Met Office say that naming large storms can help make people more aware of storms nd how dangerous they can be.

Naming a storm can make it easier to track the progress on social media.