Teenager Tricked Into Sending Nude Pictures Reveals How Bullies Tormented Her

6 February 2019, 13:47

A brave teenage girl has told how she was tricked by school bullies into sending naked photos of herself - and is now trying to make sure it doesn't happen to other young people.

Megan moved to a new school when she was 14, having been bullied in a previous school. She made new friends and felt very happy.

Things got even better when she caught the eye of a boy in the year above and they began chatting on social media. As they got to know each other, he asked again and again for her to send nude pictures of herself.

She refused at first, but after seeing friends talk about how they had been sending pictures to boys, she relented and sent him a picture. An hour or so later, she got a message from the number from a girl in her year with just the line "ha ha, got you".

The next day the picture had been shared around the entire school and Megan started being bullied again. She was devastated, but is now speaking about her experience to help warn young people and educate people about the dangers of sending such pictures online.

Megan told her story, which is a must-hear for parents and teenagers
Megan told her story, which is a must-hear for parents and teenagers. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary

PC Maria Carrick said: "We hope that hearing about Megan’s experience and how she overcame this difficult time will give strength and support to young people who experience bullying and pressure for nude pictures or naked selfies.

"We will continue working in partnership with schools, youth centres, and others organisations to raise awareness.

"We encourage parents and teachers not to be afraid to talk to children about their activities on social media and explain the importance of privacy, and thinking before uploading content online, to prevent them from becoming both the victims and perpetrators."