This Caller Was Furious Over Anti-Trump Protests

4 June 2019, 20:46

This caller is furious over anti-Trump protesters who were "screaming Nazi" on Parliament Square, he claimed Jeremy Corbyn is to blame.

Responding to a video filmed by a LBC reporter, in which a blonde woman can be seen screaming "Nazi scum" into the face of a Trump supporter, one listener called LBC to have his say.

The caller, who said he was "very upset" said that "first and foremost his whole trip is about the D-Day remembrance."

"That lady screaming 'Nazi' just belittles everything. Every single thing that we stand for," the caller said.

One protester screams at a Donald Trump Supporter.
One protester screams at a Donald Trump Supporter. Picture: LBC

When President Trump gave a press conference earlier on Tuesday he referred to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a "negative force."

The caller said: "When President Trump mentioned the words negative force, that's the definition of it.

"That Corbyn supporter screaming the word Nazi when in reality it's her leader, Jeremy, who is meeting with the people who are Nazi. Who want to exterminate the Jews, with friends like Hezbollah and people like that."

Watch the whole clip at the top of the page, or watch the video which caused the controversy here.