Meghan Markle's father Thomas says she and Prince Harry are now 'lost souls'

19 January 2020, 10:27 | Updated: 19 January 2020, 10:31

Thomas Markle has spoken out about 'Mexit'
Thomas Markle has spoken out about 'Mexit'. Picture: C5

Meghan Markle’s father Thomas has told of his distress over Harry and Meghan’s royal exit, saying: “This is not the girl I raised.”

Meghan’s estranged father told a TV documentary crew that he thinks their behaviour is embarrassing, warning they are turning into “lost souls” and said they were turning the royal family into “Walmart with a crown on.”

It comes after the Queen announced last night that the couple would be losing their HRH titles, access to public funds, and would repay the £2.4m of taxpayers’ cash spent on renovating Frogmore Cottage.

Mr Markle told the Channel 5 documentary: “'When they got married they took on an obligation, and the obligation is to be part of the Royals and to represent the Royals. And it would be foolish for them not to.

"This is one of the greatest long-living institutions ever. They are destroying it, they are cheapening it, making it shabby… they shouldn't be doing this."

The programme, Thomas Markle: My Story, looks into the background into his “complicated” relationship with his daughter and their dramatic falling out before her wedding to Prince Harry in 2018.

Mr Markle continues: “With Meghan and Harry separating from the Royals… it's disappointing because she actually got every girl's dream.

“Every young girl wants to become a princess and she got that and now she's tossing that away… it looks like she's tossing that away for money.' 

"Apparently $3 million and a 26-room home isn't enough for them… it is kind of embarrassing to me.”

Mr Markle says he believes their relationship is now beyond repair.

He said: “I can't see her reaching out to me, especially now, and in light of what I'm saying now she probably won't, or Harry for that matter.

“But I think both of them are turning into lost souls at this point.

“I don't know what they're looking for.“I don't think they know what they are looking for.”