Thug Caught On CCTV Beating Cowering Dog Before Dangling It Over Canal

3 July 2017, 15:25

A senseless thug has unknowingly been caught on CCTV battering a terrified dog before pretending to throw it into a canal.

Warning: The video above contains upsetting scenes

Police are on the hunt for the man following the cruel attack on the defenceless animal on a West Midlands towpath.

In the distressing footage, the yob, who is wearing a blue hoodie and jeans, grabs the white bull terrier-type dog by the scruff of the neck and proceeds to lash the pooch across the face and body with its lead.

Thug caught on CCTV beating a dog
Picture: SWNS

As the dog cowers on the path, the man punches the animal a further three times before putting the lead back on and calmly walking away.

However, just a few metres down the walkway, the thug grabs the dog by the collar and dangles him over the water’s edge.

West Midlands Police and the RSPCA are now attempting to trace the cruel yob following the attack which took place on the Wednesbury Oak Loop canal in Bilston, West Mids.

Police are now trying to trace the yob responsible
Picture: SWNS

Software manager Steve Childs, 41, captured the shocking footage from his security camera at his home which overlooks the canal on Wednesday.

He became aware of what was going on when he heard a high-pitch bark outside and turned on his live CCTV.

He said: "The poor dog was doing nothing wrong at all, he was simply walking down the towpath and then gets beaten for no apparent reason.

"If he acts like that in open, what he does behind closed doors really worries me.

"That is my biggest concern. This dog needs to be rehomed.”

RSPCA spokeswoman Rachel Butler said: "We've been made aware of the footage and we are working with the police in investigating it."