Tommy Robinson Fans Clashed With Police In Oxford Circus Protest

5 August 2019, 12:41

Tommy Robinson fans demanded his release from prison in a protest in London closely monitored by police.

Supporters gathered outside BBC in central London on Saturday to demand the freedom of their jailed right-wing leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson.

They carried Union Jack flags and banners saying "Free Tommy" and "Set Him Free".

During the rally, police had to intervene and raise their batons when a police van was attacked by the Tommy Robinson supporters.

A person was arrested after the confrontation.

Tommy Robinson was jailed on 11 July 2019 at Old Bailey for contempt of court.

A banner saying, Free Tommy, during the rally in London.
A banner saying, Free Tommy, during the rally in London. Picture: PA

Counter protests from groups including Stop Tommy Robinson and Stand up to Racism were also on Oxford Street.

Ahead of the protests the Metropolitan Police warned that anyone breaching the conditions set for the demos could be arrested and prosecuted.

Commander Kyle Gordon, Gold Commander for the operation, said: "If you wish to protest on Saturday, I ask that you do so lawfully and within the restrictions set out above, no matter what your view. Anyone breaching these conditions will be liable to arrest and prosecution.