Tommy Robinson confronted by police after 'being kicked out of Mexico'

4 April 2022, 08:12

Tommy Robinson was confronted by police
Tommy Robinson was confronted by police. Picture: Tommy Robinson/Telegram

Tommy Robinson has been filmed being confronted by police at Manchester Airport after he claimed he got deported from Mexico.

The English Defence League founder was seen in a confrontation with two police officers before he later claimed they were trying to "bait" him into an arrest.

It was not clear last night if Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was arrested but he appeared to say later that witnesses told police they had the wrong person and they let him go.

A clip posted to Telegram showed Robinson being grabbed by police near a luggage conveyor belt and they argue.

He is held next to a wall as Robinson asks "what are you going on about?" and "what have I done?"

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He asks bystanders if they can be "witnesses" for him before he is taken away through a nearby door.

In a separate clip, Robinson is told an officer is "convinced" he "breached security" and says he has acted within the law, before Robinson calls him the "most aggressive police officer I’ve ever witnessed".

Robinson reportedly claimed he was kicked out of Mexico after going on an Easter trip with his family.

He said he was arrested at Cancun Airport, and in a clip he insisted he had not broken the law in Mexico and "all I do at home is talk about Islam".