UK could see snow from tomorrow as temperatures set to plummet

1 December 2020, 13:53 | Updated: 1 December 2020, 14:48

Snow could be coming to the UK
Snow could be coming to the UK. Picture: PA

By Maddie Goodfellow

Parts of the UK could see snow from tomorrow with temperatures set to plummet at winter officially begins.

Met Office forecasters have said that with the start of meteorological Winter starting from December, Brits will start to feel temperatures falling.

The misty weather seen over the weekend is expected to clear and make way for colder temperatures and frost.

However, many people in the south won't see any snow over the coming days, with most of the cold snap focused on northern areas of the UK.

But some areas in the south will see clearer skies tonight, causing temperatures to fall, with the possibility of sleet and hail.

The Met Office have also issued yellow snow and ice warnings for Wednesday and Thursday in some regions.

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Scotland will "definitely" see snow, the Met Office have said
Scotland will "definitely" see snow, the Met Office have said. Picture: PA

Bonnie Diamond, a Met Office forecaster, told LBC that "the wintery weather is catching up with the UK".

"The chance of snow very much depends where in the country you are," she explained.

"Scotland will absolutely see snow tomorrow, especially the north and north west.

"But it will be chilly across the UK as a colder air mass comes across the country from tomorrow.

"There is also a risk of frost and ice forming elsewhere across much of the UK, it will be the first taste of cold after a mild autumn.

She continued: "On Thursday there is more of a chance that northern England and north Wales will see snow.

"But further south for rest of England and Wales it is more likely to be rainy and showery with more chance of sleet than snow.

"Any snow that these areas do see is also not likely to settle.

"On Friday there is a possibility of seeing a wet grey day, with pockets of snow that could hit central and southern England.

"Southern England will definitely see wintery weather and snow will definitely be seen by some parts of the UK over the next few days."

London is not expected to see much snow
London is not expected to see much snow. Picture: PA

The change in weather comes as the UK's national lockdown comes to an end.

As Britons head out for a first post-lockdown drink and shoppers head to high streets to buy their Christmas gifts, temperatures are set to drop from 8C (46F) to as low as 2C (35F) in parts of the country and 4C (39F) in London.

And from tomorrow, different parts of the country will be placed into different levels of restrictions. 

London, where snow could fall on Friday, will be placed into Tier 2.

It means pubs and restaurants will be allowed to open once again, and shops will be allowed to open across all Tiers.