UK lion cub freezes to death after crawling into sub-zero temperatures

11 February 2021, 21:26

A lion cub pictured previously at the zoo
A lion cub pictured previously at the zoo. Picture: Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

By Kate Buck

A four-week old lion cub has died after crawling out into the sub-zero temperatures as Britain was battered with cold winters and bitter conditions.

The youngster was born on 13 January at Port Lympne Safari Park in Kent, but tragically died on Tuesday after wandering out of its bedroom door in the early hours of the morning.

A spokesman for the zoo said it "succumbed to the elements very quickly".

They added: "During the early hours of Tuesday morning, we became aware that one of the lion cubs was not visible.

"We believe it ventured out through the bedroom door unnoticed by its mother. With below-freezing temperatures, it would have become weak and succumbed to the elements very quickly".

"It later became clear that it had indeed passed away during the night."

The cub was one of three born to parents Oudrika and her mate Adras, although one sadly died after just three days.

The only remaining cub is being looked after by its mum in another shelter.

A statement added: "‘We are all incredibly upset by these events but the remaining cub appears strong."