UK weather: Temperatures could plunge to -5C as deep freeze hits Britain

17 January 2020, 15:01 | Updated: 17 January 2020, 15:06

Britain is set to be blanketed in frost across the weekend
Britain is set to be blanketed in frost across the weekend. Picture: PA

Temperatures could plunge as low as -5C over the weekend as Britain is hit by a freezing cold weather front.

A deep frost will descend overnight on both Friday and Saturday but will give way to “fine, dry and bright” days, according to the Met Office.

Early on Saturday morning, it will be as cold as -3C in Belfast, while London and Birmingham will see lows of -2C.

It will be even colder on Sunday, dropping to -5C in Northern Ireland and Glasgow, -4C in parts of Wales and -3 in the Midlands.

Despite starting the week with a low pressure front of 941 hPa, causing windy and wet weather, the weekend could see a near-record high of 1050 hPa set, bringing calm, dry and frosty conditions.

Northern Scotland could see strong winds and scattered showers on Saturday, while it’s set to be cloudier and windier on Sunday.

Fountains frozen in Trafalgar Square
Fountains frozen in Trafalgar Square. Picture: PA

Coastal parts of the south west of England will also see showers.

Met Office meteorologist Marco Petagna told LBC News: “On Saturday, there’ll be some showers in the north and west of Scotland, with wintery weather over the hills.

“Elsewhere, it’ll be frosty, before there’s widespread sunshine – it’ll be dry and sunny, with light winds in some places.

“It’s going to be colder than it has been recently, with temperatures of 5-8C, so it’s not too far from average and shouldn’t feel too bad.

“There’ll be another very frosty night, before Sunday is dry and settled, with sunshine after a cold start.

“In the far south east, there’s a chance of showers, with more cloud and wind in Scotland, but in most of the country it’ll be dry and settled.”