4 in 5 Brits say they could cope with current lockdown until June

7 May 2020, 21:27

4 in 5 Brits say they could cope with lockdown until July
4 in 5 Brits say they could cope with lockdown until July. Picture: PA

By Maddie Goodfellow

Four in five Brits think they could cope with the current lockdown conditions until July, a new survey has found.

82 per cent of those surveyed by YouGov said they would find it "easy" to cope with current lockdown until July.

Just 13 per cent said they would find it "hard".

The current lockdown has been in place since late March.

More than six in ten (63 per cent), said they would find it easy to cop until June,

However Brits are more split when it comes to lasting until August, with half saying they would find this hard, and just 44 per cent saying it would be easy.

The figure jumps to 59 per cent finding it hard when the date is pushed back to September.

The statistics come as Boris Johnson is reportedly announcing on Sunday that coronavirus lockdown rules will be relaxed.

The Prime Minister will make an address to the nation to inform people what the next steps are.

Boris Johnson himself hinted to the Commons on Wednesday measures could be rolled back as early as Monday.

Brits have been urged to remain in their homes over the bank holiday weekend as the government comes under more pressure to reveal their plans on how to let the country edge out of lockdown.

Speaking at the daily Downing Street press conference, Dominic Raab said a "roadmap" on how the rules might be changed will come at the weekend.

The foreign secretary told the nation it needed to remain at home for the early May Bank Holiday.

Mr Raab said the rate of infection - the R value - was between 0.5 and 0.9 and the number of new coronavirus cases and daily death toll were both "steadily falling".

But he added: "The virus is not beaten yet, it remains deadly and infectious."