Watch Again: Boris Johnson addresses school pupils ahead of return to classes

26 August 2020, 11:20

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Watch Boris Johnson address school pupils in England who are set to return to classes in September for the first time since the coronavirus lockdown started.

The Prime Minister will speak to school children in England following a fraught summer period for students, with uncertainty over exam results for some and concern over masks for others.

The Government was heavily criticised over its handling of the process for awarding grades following the cancellation of exams.

Boris Johnson's Government has also faced pressure from teaching unions, which urged clarity before pupils return to school next week, and an announcement from Scotland that all secondary pupils there will be required to wear masks in between lessons.

But now, the Government has tweaked the rules for face coverings in schools in England after coming under pressure to follow Scotland's example, where older pupils will be required to wear face coverings in between lessons from next week.

Watch the video at the top of the page to see Boris Johnson's message to children on their return to school.