Brit evacuated from Iran tells LBC of tense atmosphere in Tehran

6 January 2020, 10:54

A British man who has just returned after being evacuated from Iran has told LBC of the tense atmosphere in the Middle Eastern country since the death of Qassem Soleimani.

The Iranian general was killed in a US airstrike in Baghdad last week in revenge for an attack on the US embassy.

All UK and US civilians were told to get out of Iran following the incident and Sidney called Nick Ferrari after landing at Heathrow to tell him about the mood in the country.

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This caller told Nick Ferrari about the atmosphere in Tehran
This caller told Nick Ferrari about the atmosphere in Tehran. Picture: PA/LBC

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: "There are thousands of Iranians that are rejoicing that this man has died, but there is a lot that is against it.

"So last night at 10pm, we were all bundled into a van and driven to the airport.

"I can't say that the authorities were against us as westerners. They helped us through, we went via a side gate and boarded the plane safely.

"But the atmosphere is really volatile. There's really big problems coming from there."