Car encased in scaffolding amid parking row between neighbours

24 July 2020, 13:55

Poles were placed around the VW
Poles were placed around the VW. Picture: Twitter

By Maddie Goodfellow

A parking row in West Sussex took a bizarre turn after a resident built a metal scaffolding cage around their neighbour's car.

The owner of the caged Volkswagen was said to be "stunned" after turning up to see his car entirely boxed in with metal scaffolding poles.

The scaffolding had been tightly screwed in place and would have needed to be entirely taken apart before the car could be moved.

A trailer was also cemented into the ground next to the vehicle, before the cage was built.

Inspector Darren Taylor said he "had not seen a row like this in 20 years"
Inspector Darren Taylor said he "had not seen a row like this in 20 years". Picture: Twitter

Inspector Darren Taylor, who tweeted the pictures, said he had never seen anything like it in two decades of policing after observing the bizarre scene in Haywards Heath.

His tweet read: "Over 20 years of policing, I have dealt with many neighbour disputes and parking issues.

"But nothing like this one which the team are dealing with at the moment in Haywards Heath!

"Need to speak to the individual who thinks this is acceptable to do this to someone else's vehicle."

Inspector Taylor said an investigation is now ongoing to find out what happened.

The scaffolding completely boxed in the car
The scaffolding completely boxed in the car. Picture: Twitter

It’s not the first time a neighbourhood dispute has resulted in extreme measures.

In 2017, a row between neighbours over a parking space escalated to the point where a car was vandalised with graffiti in Hampshire.

In the same year, a woman ruined the view from her neighbours’ £1million home by putting up a huge fence inches from their windows as part of a neighbourly dispute.

Earlier this year, a couple were left horrified and upset after a by a barn-like "monstrosity" was built just yards from their living room window in West Wellow, Hampshire.