City Hall warn Boris Johnson 'we won't go away' over Arcuri investigation

8 October 2019, 18:35

Boris Johnson is facing questions over his time as London Mayor
Boris Johnson is facing questions over his time as London Mayor. Picture: London Assembly / PA
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

A deadline has passed for Boris Johnson to respond to City Hall over claims about his links to the American businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri.

Len Duvall, chairman of City Hall's oversight committee, said: “The Prime Minister still needs to respond to the London Assembly, it doesn’t go away.”

Mr Duvall told Global’s Newsroom there was “confusion” over the deadline that was given, but he clarified “it’s not a confusion on our part."

The Prime Minister is facing questions about his friendship with Jennifer Arcuri during his time as the Mayor of London.

It follows allegations he failed to declare a conflict of interest, but Mr Johnson has said he acted properly at all times.

The Prime Minister was given 14 days to respond with details and a timeline of all contact with the businesswoman while he was London mayor and to explain how that relationship was taken into account in any dealings with City Hall.

But that deadline expired at 6 pm on Tuesday without a response, the assembly said.

The oversight committee chair said they were still working out who they wanted to speak to and what areas they wish to explore.

He warned that Boris Johnson was “clear” on the powers the committee had, adding “he can’t escape it.”

Mr Duvall said the Prime Minister “needs to” respond, joking maybe Downing Street was working to “Greenwich Mean Time or Central European Time” but he added he was “optimistic the Prime Minister will want to defend himself against these allegations."

Downing Street have said Mr Johnson will respond to the committee on Tuesday evening.