People spitting at police claiming Covid is 'widespread', Met Police Commissioner says

19 January 2021, 10:03

By Kate Buck

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has told LBC incidents of people coughing at police officers claiming to have Covid-19 is "widespread".

Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari on Call the Commissioner, Dame Cressida Dick said officers are being spat and coughed at on an almost daily basis, although not every assailant uses Covid as a threat.

"I'm sorry to say it is quite widespread and we've got several examples, and it's disgusting, it's awful," she said.

On how frequent it is, Dame Cressida added: "We've had 97 occasions where someone has either mentioned or threatened Covid and then coughed.

"We've had 48 where they've spat. "

The force has now charged 126 people with that, with nearly two-thirds of them then being given custodial sentences.

Dame Cressida also told LBC she was "baffled" officers are not at the front of the queue for the Covid vaccine.

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