Corbyn announces plans to reverse bus route cuts - with photo on a tram

27 April 2019, 11:40 | Updated: 27 April 2019, 14:11

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced his plans to reverse "Conservative cuts" to bus services - with a photograph of him stood on a tram.

Mr Corbyn visited Nottinghamshire in the week, where he revealed his policy would see his party reinstate thousands of bus routes across the UK.

Making a statement on social media he said: "I was so proud to announce that Labour will reverse the Conservatives' cuts to 3,000 bus routes.

"We use buses far more than any other form of public transport - 4.5 billion journeys every year.

"These are vital services which we won't just restore, we'll invest in more."

Bizarrely though, the picture used in the announcement was that of Mr Corbyn stood on a tram in Nottingham, rather than a bus.

The city's tram network came into operation in 2004, and at the time was designed to stop buses congesting the growing city centre.

In 2000, Labour led city and county councils awarded a private finance initiative (PFI) concession to a number of businesses to make the line a reality.

The Labour Party refused to comment on the photograph used in Mr Corbyn's announcement.

According to statistics from the Campaign for Better Transport, local authority spending on buses fell from £374.3m to £202.7m between 2010 and 2018.

Mr Corbyn has said repeatedly he wants to bring bus services into public hands, so the treasury can benefit off the profits the services make.