Corbyn: Blair Can Do What He Likes, I'm Labour Leader

1 May 2017, 15:25

Jeremy Corbyn has told LBC that Tony Blair's return to politics won't have any influence on him during the General Election campaign.

Mr Blair, who won three Elections for Labour, has previously criticised the current leader for failing to provide a 'competitive opposition' to the Conservatives.

On the 20th anniversary of his first election win, the former PM says he now wants to help "shape the debate" in Britain ahead of Brexit negotiations.

But Mr Corbyn told LBC he's not particularly concerned about what Mr Blair has to say now, saying: "It's absolutely up to him what he decides to do.

"I'm leading this party, half a million members, we're out there every day, knocking on every door to get a Labour victory on June 8th.

"And do you know what? I'm loving doing it."

Mr Blair said one reason for his return is that the centre has been squeezed out by both the right and left, but Mr Corbyn denied that, saying: "I don't think he's right at all about that.

"We've put forward policies today on consumer rights for tenants, yesterday on rights at work. We've put forward issues of healthcare in this country, of the care system in this country.

"All these things that would make Britain a better place for the vast majority and an economic policy that would invest fairly across all the regions of this country."