Coronavirus in children: What is it, symptoms and UK cases

27 April 2020, 15:49

Coronavirus in children: A new link has emerged warn doctors and GPs
Coronavirus in children: A new link has emerged warn doctors and GPs. Picture: PA

By Zoe Adams

NHS doctors have been advised to look out for some symptoms of a 'coronavirus-related' condition in children - but what is it? And what are the symptoms of coronavirus in children?

Coronavirus presents itself most of the time with mild symptoms in children. Today, GPs in north London were told to look out for certain symptoms of a new ‘coronavirus-related’ syndrome that may be emerging.

What is phase 2 of the government's coronavirus plan?

A link between a small number of children presenting with these symptoms, and the novel Covid-19 virus has yet to be established.

GPs have been given guidance so they know how to respond in the event they have a young patient displaying certain symptoms.

Coronavirus in children is still said to be mild say experts
Coronavirus in children is still said to be mild say experts. Picture: PA

So what is this new 'coronavirus-related' condition in children? And what symptoms are GPs being asked to look out for? Here’s what we know so far:

What is this new 'coronavirus-related’ condition in children?

Guidance was sent to doctors describing “an apparent rise in the number of children of all ages presenting with a multi-system inflammatory state requiring intensive care across London and also in other regions of the UK".

A small number of children are reportedly showing symptoms similar to toxic shock syndrome, a severe illness associated with infections, and have blood markers in line with severe Covid-19 in children, the alert states.

They may also have abdominal pain and symptoms of inflammation around the heart.

GPs are being told to refer children with symptoms including abdominal pain as a 'matter of urgency' but it was stressed there was no cause for alarm and all evidence currently suggests that COVID-19 is generally a mild disease in children, with a low morbidity and mortality rate.

What symptoms have GPs been told to look out for?

GPs are being told to look out for high temperatures, low blood pressure, a rash and difficulty breathing.

A sore stomach and heart issues are also linked to the cases.

Symptoms are said to be similar to toxic shock syndrome.

It’s unclear on how many children have tested positive for this syndrome but the number is believed to be very small.

If you are concerned about your child, you are urged to seek help from a health professional.

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