861 more UK deaths with lockdown extended for three weeks - as it happened

16 April 2020, 05:18

The UK lockdown is likely to be extended
The UK lockdown is likely to be extended. Picture: PA

By Megan White

The UK's coronavirus lockdown has been extended for at least another three weeks, Dominic Raab has confirmed, on the day the death toll hit 13,729.

At the government’s daily press briefing, the foreign secretary said the current measures will stay in place until May 7, when a further review would be required by law.

Another 861 deaths were recorded on Thursday, bringing the total in the UK to 13,729. There have been 103,093 confirmed cases.

Elsewhere, war hero Captain Tom Moore's NHS fundraiser has raised over £15 million, with Boris Johnson saying he will "certainly be looking at ways to recognise his heroic efforts."

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