Derbyshire Police use coronavirus rap to hammer home rules

6 April 2020, 20:11

A police officer decided to rap about staying home
A police officer decided to rap about staying home. Picture: Twitter

By Matt Drake

Derbyshire Police officers devised a rap to reinforce social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The force was heavily criticised for what was deemed as heavy-handed policing in its response to the coronavirus crisis.

It used a drone to deter people from people from visiting the Peak District and dyed a lagoon black to stop tourists visiting, leading Lord Sumption to deem it "disgraceful" and the actions of a police state.

But one officer is using a different tactic and is appealing to the youth by rapping at people to stay home.

The innovative policing strategy was caught on video by Derby Liberal Democrat councillor Ajit Singh Atwal.

Rapping through a megaphone, the officer says: "Yo, this is Derby police. Don't be afraid, we come in peace.

"We've got a message, so listen up quick. Take our advice and you may not get sick.

"Stay at home whenever you can. Don't go out on the streets with your fam. Don't walk around in two or more, or we'll come knocking at your door.

"Only go to the shop for essential things, like bread, milk, fruit and cheese strings. Go stretch your legs, but only one time. Do as we say or you might get a fine.

"Please help us to fight this disease. Lots of love from your favourite PCs."

Sharing the video on Twitter, Mr Atwal said: "Brilliant Message from Derbyshire police on Normanton Rd last night.

"That’s the language people speak and understand round here.

"I'ts a Rap, stay safe and STAY at HOME. PC Mcginley you're an absolute legend."

Under government regulations to curb the spread of coronavirus, people should only go out when absolutely necessary for food, medicine, work or exercise, always try to stay two metres (6ft) apart from one another and do not meet others outside households, even friends and family.

Joey Severn, a Derbyshire Police spokesman, said the rap was an initiative of one police officer.

He said: "We encourage our officers to engage in the public in many ways.

"We try to do what we think will make the biggest impression on the public. We will try any way possible to get our message across to people."

But another police spokesman told Sky News that some of the lyrics used artistic licence.

They added that it is "not strictly true that you 'shouldn't walk around in groups of two or more' - as if you are exercising with members of the same household this may be in a small group of more than two".

"The same applies to 'Don't go on the streets with your fam' - as again if these family members are from the same household and you are taking your daily exercise then this would be permissible."