Angry Dad Films Police Officer Confiscating Daffodils Picked By Kids

28 March 2017, 11:09 | Updated: 28 March 2017, 11:10

A furious father filmed a police officer after she confiscated daffodils that were picked by his daughters from a park on Mother's Day.

David Taylor spotted some daffodils as he took his daughters Rosemary, 10, and Emily, five, to visit his mother at her home in Mansfield.

The girls picked them for their grandmother, but a police officer noticed and took the flowers from them.

She said they were council property and that the family had committed a criminal act.

In the clip, Mr Taylor says: "We were picking flowers for Mother's Day, not bothering anybody. It's public land, but this police officer decided to take them off my children.

'Picking flowers off of public land? They're not endangered, they're not rare.

"I think you're disgusting, taking flowers off children while they're picking them. Haven't you got anything better to do, rather that harassing children?

"The person only upsetting my girls is this police officer. I pay my taxes, and her wages."

A Nottinghamshire Police statement read: "An officer spotted a family picking flowers from a council maintained verge near Berryhill Park, Mansfield. The officer provided the family with some advice about picking flowers, and the matter was not taken any further.

"A bunch of 27 flowers were taken to a nearby care home so they did not go to waste."