David Haye recalls his historic victory over Nikolai Valuev

7 November 2019, 13:01

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

David Haye tells LBC News his reccolections of his historic win over Russian Nikolai Valuev, 10 years on from the night which changed his life.

Speaking to Jim Diamond the former Boxer said he's been boxing since he was ten years of age, he said the win was the moment . "it all came together."

When he was asked how he was enjoying being a promoter and a manager David said it was "very different," he said when he walks into the ring he has "no real worries."

The fight ten years ago
The fight ten years ago. Picture: PA

But, he added "when somebody else walks into the ring it's out of your control. You've got to sit outside the ropes and it's down to them to do their thing."

He told LBC News that Dereck Chisora is looking at fighting for the heavyweight title in February next year.

"It's a very very exciting time for Dereck."

Moving on to this weekend's fight between social media stars Logan Paul and KSI Jim asked David what his take was.

"They're going to break box office records," David said, adding the two boxers have a huge fan base who aren't traditionally boxing fans, but "hopefully" they will become supporters of the sport.

"Any eyeballs on boxing, and anytime boxing is in the press I think is a good thing."

David said the question he gets asked the most was about when he won the World Heavyweight title against Valuev ten years ago.

"It's etched into a lot of people's memories."

"Everybody comes up to me and tells me what they were doing the night I won the Heavyweight title."

Listen to the whole interview in the video at the top of the page.