Demonstrations to take place across the UK calling for pay rise for NHS workers

12 September 2020, 08:46

Nurses took part in a protest last month calling for a pay increase
Nurses took part in a protest last month calling for a pay increase. Picture: PA

Campaigners are due to take to streets in cities across the UK to demand a 15 per cent increase in wages for NHS staff.

Nurses were excluded from the wage increase for around 900,000 public sector workers announced in July because they are in the final year of a three-year agreement.

And the pay increase does not apply to junior doctors after they agreed a four-year deal last year.

Demonstrations will take place in cities including London, Manchester, Sheffield, Brighton and Bournemouth calling for a 15% increase in pay for NHS workers, the GMB said.

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Rachel Harrison, national officer for the union, said: "Loyal and dedicated NHS workers have been let down in the three year NHS pay deal - which GMB union opposed. Their pay, terms and conditions have been driven down for years.

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"Many staff have worked throughout the coronavirus pandemic and now their efforts need to be recognised with a pay award that reflects their commitment and the real terms losses they have suffered during a decade of austerity."

Meanwhile, Unite said NHS workers should receive a pay rise of 15% or £3,000, whichever is greater.

The union said the claim would "restore the pay that NHS workers have lost in the decade of austerity since 2010".

National officer for health Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe said: "Hundreds of health and social care staff have lost their lives in the continuing battle against Covid-19 which has heightened the deep appreciation that the public has for the NHS and those who work in it.

"This public esteem for NHS workers should be reflected by the government which needs to respond by opening pay discussions, following our claim and those of our sister unions."