Dramatic Moment Driver Slams On Brakes To Avoid Pensioner On Mobility Scooter

15 March 2017, 14:30 | Updated: 15 March 2017, 14:33

This is the moment a pensioner on a mobility scooter was almost knocked down when she drove straight in front of a car - but who was at fault?

WARNING: Video contains strong language

The incident, captured on the driver's dashboard camera, shows the cars approaching a roundabout on a dual carriageway in Dundee.

Traffic in the left-hand lane stops, despite the junction appearing to be clear. But as a car approaches in the right-hand lane, an old lady driving a mobility scooter appears from behind a red van.

The driver slams on his brakes and manages to stop inches from the terrified lady.

But the internet has been split over whose fault the near-miss was.

The driver of the car suggested that the old lady should have been checking whether there was traffic, while he also says the red van driver caused the situation by stopping to let the lady cross.

However, other people have said that the car driver should have noticed the van stopping and slowed down because of the possible hazard.

A study is now being carried out to establish whether the junction can be changed to make it safer for pedestrians.