Plane decor: Entire contents of Heathrow Terminal 1 put up for auction

5 April 2018, 10:32

The entire contents of Heathrow Terminal 1 have been put up for auction - nearly three years after the building closed its doors to passengers.

Bidders can get their hands on pieces of aviation history which range from seats to signs and check-in desks.

The items are being sold off from 21 April as part of Heathrow's upgrade programme.

While individuals may not have the space for a baggage reclaim carousel in their homes, the bigger items could be bought by another airport wanting to fit out a new terminal.

Other items include 15 escalators, three 70m (230ft) long luggage reclaim belts and whole business lounges.

A series of enamel murals by the Polish artist Stefan Knapp which were specially commissioned for the building in the 1950s are also among the listings.

CA Global Partners, which specialises in the disposal of assets for wholesale and industrial clients, is handling the sale.

"As well as the stunning art by Stefan Knapp, some of the signage in Terminal One is iconic and bound to attract interest from collectors," said Daniel Gray, a managing partner at the firm.

"Some of the contents have significant historic value and there may even be elements of the furnishing that would appeal to nightclubs or other entertainment venues. We anticipate a broad range of interest."

Terminal 1 was opened in 1968 and formally dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II in April 1969. It was then the biggest short-haul terminal in Western Europe, handling nine million passengers a year.

It closed on 29 June 2015.