Essex: Armed police drive pregnant woman to hospital in time to give birth

15 October 2019, 22:20 | Updated: 15 October 2019, 22:49

A pregnant woman in labour was given an armed escort to hospital after she became stuck in traffic.

Metha Ramanan almost gave birth in the car when traffic came to a standstill on the A13 in Stanford-le-Hope last Saturday morning.

She was picked up by firearms officers, whose units were the closest in the vicinity of Mrs Ramanan to respond, before being driven in an armed response vehicle to Basildon hospital.

They also drove her husband Nava Ramanan in his car to the hospital, where the couple's son Abiman was born weighing 7.2lbs (3.3kg) a few hours later.

Mr Ramanan later thanked the officers for the impromptu lift, saying: "My family and I can't thank the firearms unit enough for their help at the weekend.

"Our sweet baby boy Abiman was delivered within couple of hours of the lift they kindly provided.

"The officers were shining examples, keep up the good work in making Essex safe.

"I'd like to end by saying thank you everyone for your kind words."

The police force gifted baby Abiman a cuddly toy called Police Dog Baloo during the hospital visit.