Former Beatles hangout will not re-open on July 4th

2 July 2020, 10:19

Thomas Dunn

By Thomas Dunn

One of Liverpool’s most famous pubs, known for its connections to The Beatles, have said they will not be opening their doors to the public on July 4th.

The Grapes was the only pub on Liverpool’s famous Mathew Street when the fab four were first starting their music careers and sits opposite the world-famous Cavern Club.

The owners, Blind Tiger inns, have made the decision as they said there was not enough time to have all the safety measures in place for a July 4th re-opening.

Area Manager for Blind Tiger Inns, Nick Buckle, told LBC News: “For us, the official guidance from Government was published too late.

“We couldn’t make a plan based on rumours so we waited for the official guidance to come and we feel as a company of 18 sites it didn’t give us enough time to put all the measures in place we wanted to, to make we covered everything.

“We need to visit them all, we need to chat to our teams and find out where there’s going to be flashpoints, where we need to put the furniture…..We couldn’t do that remotely and we couldn’t rush things in case anything goes wrong.”

Pubs in England have been closed since March to slow the spread of Covid-19.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last Tuesday that they - as well as bars and restaurants – would be able to reopen on July 4, with certain restrictions.

Manager at The Grapes, Karen, has been working behind the bar for 30 years and says she has never seen or experienced a change like this.

She told LBC News: “ I think for the first couple of weeks it won’t be the same and there’s a fear that there might be a second wave, it’s a fear for everybody opening up again.

“That’s why our company are deciding not to open up again and are putting things in place to make sure myself, my staff and my customers are safe.

“I don’t want that vibe to be lost, but I think running a little pub-like this you can still create a great atmosphere and I know it’s going to be awkward at first but I think we’ll all get back to normal as soon as possible.”