Funding boost for schools after government pledges £14bn extra cash for education

11 October 2019, 00:30

By Tom Bushell

Schools across England are set for a cash boost of following the government's promise of a multi-billion-pound investment in primary and secondary education.

Last month the Boris Johnson announced plans to increase education spending over the next three years by £14billion.

The investment is part of the Prime Minister’s promise to increase funding to schools to help give all young people the same chance at success.

A government spokesperson said the largest increases were going to the schools "that need it most.”

Every secondary school will get a minimum of £5,000 extra per pupil next year, with every primary school attracting a minimum of £4,000 from 2021-22.

As Teachers find out how much their school will receive, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson gave Global’s Newsoom his reaction to some schools in the West Midlands telling us they have to rely on charity handouts from parents to fund a lot of their basic supplies.

Including one case in Birmingham where they had to replace IT equipment themselves after a break-in.

Mr Williams told Global's Newsroom "it isn't right," and when he spoke to schools, one of the concerns raised was "money has been tight."

He said the Government were planning to "increase the funding for every single school across the country."

Watch the video at the top of the page to see Mr Williamson's reaction.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson
Education Secretary Gavin Williamson. Picture: Global's Newsroom / PA

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was fulfilling a promise he made on his first day in Downing Street. Mr Johnson said he aimed to make sure every child has equal opportunities to succeed – regardless of their background or where they live.

The Prime Minister said: "Because I believe that talent and genius is evenly distributed but so often opportunity is not, and my job is to change this.

“We’re already delivering on this promise with schools receiving more than £14 billion additional funding over the next three years, meaning every pupil in every school will get more money, and funding across the country will be levelled up.

“Today we are setting out more detail about how schools across the country will benefit next year. This investment will give schools, teachers and parents the certainty to plan, helping further improve standards and ensure our children and young people get a truly world-class education.”

Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Education Angele Rayner branded the announcement "rhetoric" and said it would have little impact.

Mrs Rayner said “For years Tories like Boris Johnson sat around the Cabinet table cutting funding from our schools while handing out billions in tax giveaways to the richest and big business.

“Despite the rhetoric from government, this will not even reverse the cuts that schools have faced since 2010, let alone give them the investment they need for every child to get a world-class education.

“Only a Labour government will fully reverse these Tory cuts, and give our schools the funding they need.”

The provisional figures show that the East Midlands will receive an increase of £176 million - a 5% rise per pupil, while the East of England gets an extra £184m, a 4.5% increase per pupil.

London's funding rises by £198m (up 3.2% per pupil), in the North East, school budgets are set to rise by £73m (up 3.8% per pupil), in the North West, there is an increase of £234m (up 4.1% per pupil) and the South East will get an additional £282m (up 4.8% per pupil).

In the South West, funding is due to increase by 175m (up 5% per pupil), while West Midlands funding also rises by £175m (up 3.6%).

Yorkshire and the Humber will see a rise of £174m (up 4.2% per pupil).